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Tips for a Bedroom

The bedroom is likely to be the biggest single room in house. Everyone will want an area where they can see themselves enjoying their downtime in comfort and peace. The focal point of any bedroom should be the bed, so pile it high with cushions and...

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Interior Design

Whether you have been neglecting the interior of your home for a few years, or you have inherited some less than tasteful d├ęcor from the previous occupier of your new home, a facelift would make your home a much more pleasant place to live, as...

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French Door Refurbishment

French door refurbishment is the perfect way of saving money as well as bringing features back to life in your Victorian property. Many London homes of any age will have a beautiful set of back doors at the rear of the property leading out to...

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Sash Windows

The one question I will always be asked, whatever I design. What will we do with these brilliant old period sash windows? "Keep them of course!" I reply. Ok so what do we do with these beautifully designed windows to match exacting interior design standards?...

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Hi Guys

Hi guys, My new site is all about blogging in London, my hobbies and passions are interior design and architecture. I really hope you enjoy what I am doing and please leave your comments for me because I dream of the day I have many followers...

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